Federal Budget and the Economy

WASHINGTON, D.C. – As lawmakers from both parties begin to negotiate a long-term budget agreement, U.S. Rep. George Miller (D-Contra Costa County) and 177 other Democrats in the House of Representatives are calling on Speaker John Boehner (R-OH) and the entire Republican leadership to publicly declare that they will not use the threat of another government shutdown or default on U.S. debt as a political tactic in the budget talks.

WASHINGTON D.C.– U.S. Rep. George Miller (D-CA), senior Democrat on the House Education and the Workforce Committee, said today he supports the bipartisan bill to end the 16-day government shutdown and avoid default on America’s debt just hours before default deadline.  The bill was approved by the Senate and is expected to be approved by the House this evening.

WASHINGTON – With uncertainty continuing over the two-week-long government shutdown, House Democrats today went to the House floor to sign a discharge petition that would bypass Speaker Boehner and allow a quick vote on a bill to reopen the government if supported by a majority of members of Congress.

WASHINGTON, DC— U.S. Representatives George Miller (D-CA) and Rosa DeLauro (D-CT) today released a report detailing the harsh impact of Republican budget cuts on children and families, including local examples of impacts in Contra Costa County.

Unfortunately, House Republicans have refused to pass a budget to keep the federal government operating. They did this because they were not able to repeal or delay provisions of the Affordable Care Act that protect Americans from insurance company abuses and provide health insurance for millions. 
As a result, the federal government has closed, except for essential services.

The sole priority of Republicans in Congress is to take away Americans’ health insurance and the protections they now have against insurance companies.

The Republicans would put insurance companies back in charge of Americans’ health care, take tax credits away from small businesses, and deny care to children with pre-existing conditions. Republicans want to abolish the health care law because they know it is succeeding at finally putting families back in charge of their health care.

Good news just out in the effort to ensure that workers get paid a decent day’s wage for a decent day’s work—the Securities and Exchange Commission has announced a new rule to ensure that companies disclose the ratio of their CEO’s pay to their average worker’s pay.

WASHINGTON, D.C. – U.S. Rep. George Miller (D-Contra Costa County) issued the following statement in response to the partisan Republican continuing resolution that continues needless and damaging sequester level spending and defunds the Affordable Care Act:

As Congress has debated comprehensive immigration reform over the last several months, a wide range of studies, letters and testimony have demonstrated that the time for immigration reform has come. But some of the strongest evidence yet has just come out—and it’s not in Washington.

WASHINGTON – Rep. George Miller (D-Calif.), the senior Democratic member of the House Education and the Workforce Committee, issued the following statement on today’s jobs report from the Department of Labor.


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