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George enjoys meeting in his Washington, DC and California offices with constituents and stakeholders on issues that are before the Congress. To express an opinion on a particular issue, please email George.

If you are traveling to Washington, DC and would like to request a meeting with George, please send an email to with the following information:

Because the House voting schedule is not released until the prior week, please do not expect a response to your request more than two weeks in advance, as meetings scheduled prior to two weeks in advance often need to be moved or canceled due to votes on the House Floor.

Please note that George has a very busy schedule when he is in Washington and receives hundreds of meeting requests each week. While he would like to take every meeting that is requested, he cannot accommodate each of them.  In some cases, members of George’s legislative policy staff will meet with constituents on his behalf because of scheduling conflicts.

To request a meeting with George when he is in California, please contact the Concord office.

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