Presidential Greetings

If you are a resident of the Eleventh District and would like to receive a greeting from the President of the United States, please complete the form below. Please note: No requests will be accepted after the date of the occasion EXCEPT the birth of a child, which must be submitted within two months of the date of birth. All others must be submitted a minimum of 6 weeks in advance in order to be processed and mailed on time. If you would like an update on your greeting at any point after 6 weeks, please contact the Washington office.

  • Adoption of a child (sent after adoption)
  • Birth of a child (sent up to 2 month after the birth)
  • Birthday: 80+ years, 70+ years for Veterans
  • Civil Union (sent after ceremony)
  • Class reunion (10 years and every 5 years thereafter)
  • Condolence (sent only to next of kin)
  • Eagle Scout 
  • Family Reunion (10 years and every 5 years thereafter)
  • Girl Scout Gold Award
  • Photograph
  • Religious Institution Anniversary (25 years and every 5 years thereafter)
  • Religious milestone
  • Retirement (30+ years)
  • School Anniversary (100 years and every 25 years thereafter)
  • School Graduation
  • Serious Illness
  • Wedding Day (sent after wedding)
  • Wedding Anniversary: 50 years, 60 years or 70+ years

* indicates information that you need to provide.

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