U.S. Service Academy Nominations

As a member of Congress, George has the privilege of nominating candidates to the U.S. Military Service Academies—Naval Academy, Military Academy, Air Force Academy and the Merchant Marine Academy.  Applicants to the U.S. Coast Guard Academy do not require a Congressional nomination and should contact USCGA directly. 

Interested candidates must apply in writing to George's Richmond office by November 1st for consideration for the following year. In this initial request letter, the candidate should include biographic information including: full name, permanent residence, mailing address, telephone number, date and place of birth, social security number, high school/college being attended, counselor, etc. Candidates must reside within the current 11th Congressional district of California

Upon receipt of the candidate's letter, an application file is opened and an application packet is mailed to the student. Included in the application packet is a copy of these procedures, an application form, and a counselor appraisal form.

Students should be advised that application files must be fully completed no later than December 1st for a student to be considered for nomination. For an applicant file to be considered complete, the following documentation must be in hand:

  • Application Form (pdf file)
  • Counselor's Appraisal Form (pdf file)
  • Certified copy of academic transcript
  • Report of SAT or ACT
  • Verified class rank and cumulative GPA
  • Personal essay explaining why the candidate wants to attend the Academy and why they feel they should be nominated
  • Recent photograph

All qualified candidates will be scheduled for an interview with George's Service Academies Advisory Board in December. The Board will interview candidates with a minimum SAT score of 550 verbal and 550 math or ACT score of 23 for English and 27 for math. The College Board reporting numbers are: SAT-#0651 and ACT-#7250. Candidates must also maintain a 3.0 GPA or better. All candidates will be notified in advance of the time and place of their interview.

Upon completion of the interviews, the Service Academies Advisory Board will notify George of their recommendations for nomination, and notification will be sent to each applicant.

Competition for the Academy openings is very intense, and it is impossible for all those who wish to attend to do so. We recommend that candidates consider alternate plans and also apply through the California Senators.

Final appointments are made solely by the Academies. George cannot guarantee appointments; he can only provide a nomination.