Help with a Federal Agency

What is Casework?

One of the most important duties Members of Congress have is to assist you when dealing with federal agencies – this assistance is referred to as casework.

The district offices are often able to assist constituents in communicating with federal agencies. If you live in the Eleventh Congressional District and have a matter pending before any federal agency, such as Social Security, the Veterans Administration, the IRS or Citizens and Immigrant Services (CIS) we may be able to help.

It is important to note that federal agencies typically have discretion concerning the final decision in the cases they adjudicate, so while we cannot guarantee a positive outcome, we can obtain information including the status of your case, or if warranted, request expeditious handling of the matter.

How to Open a Case

1. Determine that your question or problem is something my office can assist you with.

2. Check the frequently asked questions to determine if an answer to your question is there.

3. Prepare your paperwork to open a case with my office.

Gather relevant documents.You may need to provide the casework staff with any paperwork you have pertaining to your case. This may include:

  • Most recent correspondence sent to/received from the agency (letters, decisions, notices, etc.)
  • Receipts for applications filed and fees paid
  • Medical documentation (if applicable)
  • Financial records (if applicable)
  • Other letters of support

4. Call one of my district offices regarding your case and ask to speak to a caseworker.

Concord District Office: (925) 602-1880

Richmond District Office (510) 262-6500

Please note: my staff may ask you for additional information to determine which caseworker is most appropriate to assist you with your case.